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Cholesterol Levels Chart

Work up a plan to keep your cholesterol at the normal level

Non HDL Cholesterol

Right cholesterol ratio is essential for good health.

Cholesterol is one of the vital structural components of the cell membranes of a mammal. In case of human, it is the precursor compound for the synthesis of many organic and inorganic compounds. It is a key compound of to constitute cells. However, excess of this compound can cause damage to the cells. This compound can cause damage to the cells if its content exceeds the usual. It mostly affects the heart cells and tissues in such a case.

There are mainly two types of Cholesterol. The first one is the high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, and the other one is the low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Both of these are necessary for human cell. Now, excess of these cholesterols can cause damage of cells. In fact, if the ratio of these two types of cholesterols fluctuates from its actual point to a certain extent, it can cause damage to the health. When it comes to better cholesterol, which is beneficial for health, HDL is the best one. It is beneficial for the body cells, and it keeps the health of the heart exceptionally well. Now, all other cholesterols present in the body except HDL can cause damage to the health. The term non HDL cholesterol uses to categorize all the other cholesterols present in the body other than that of HDL.

This means that Non HDL Cholesterol is the harmful cholesterol in the human body, which can cause damage if the amount of the cholesterol reaches a certain level. Cholesterol usually helps to make the function of the heart better. HDL controls the heart function and saves it from various cardiovascular diseases. Non HDL cholesterol increases the chances of such diseases. It blocks the veins and deposits in the tissues of the heart. Thus, it increases the chances of failure of the heart, atherosclerosis and such other diseases. A person must be extremely careful about all aspects of heart diseases. It is necessary to control the level of Non HDL in the body to make the heart work well.

Now, Non HDL is the cholesterol which includes both LD and VLDL (Very Low Density) cholesterol. Both these are harmful substances for the body if it crosses a certain extent. The count of Non HDL Cholesterol assures a patient about the chances of heart diseases. It is more effective than counting the LDL cholesterol levels as the VLDL level is not within it. If someone finds the non HDL levels in the blood increases the danger limit, one must take prompt actions. These cholesterols not only harm the heart, but also affect other parts of the body like – hand, feet and so on. Increase of such cholesterol content in the blood will reduce the normal flow of blood through the body. Thus, one will not be able to get the necessary nutrition in all parts of the body. This may also lead to various problems. One should take proper medication, must go through proper diet and also should do everyday exercises to control the non HDL level to stay fit and safe.

Finally this little video is designed for you to better understand cholesterol nature.